What is the Objective of the Enterprise?

In recent years, Israel Railways has been piloting a comprehensive development program that makes it the largest transportation infrastructure company in Israel, and the transportation company with the highest growth rate. In order to maintain its position as a leading company in the field of public transportation in Israel, Israel Railways is establishing an innovation center that will enable the integration of innovative technologies in its operations.

In what areas can new technologies be proposed?

The project will be open to receiving offers from all areas of Israel Railways operations, whether in the field of passenger service or in the field of day to day operations – infrastructure, maintenance, carriages and locomotives and operating systems.

Who can submit bids?

The enterprise is aimed at independent entrepreneurs, startup companies, university bodies and others who are developing technologies in the field of railways operations who are interested in gaining access to a beta site to test the technology they have developed, in real life conditions.

What are the benefits of participating in the project?

In contrast to the development of other technologies, entrepreneurs who develop technologies in the field of railways operations and tangential fields, often have difficulty in testing the prototype they developed in the final stage, prior to commercialization.
As part of this enterprise, projects that are selected will be granted access to Israel Railways platforms to test the technology and examine modifications required prior to the sales stage. The technology will be tested at a beta site that will be defined for the purpose, and will be managed by the entrepreneurs in cooperation with employees and managers of Israel Railways, in cooperation with the entrepreneurs. If the technology is indeed proven to be successful, the possibility of incorporating it into all of Israel Railways’ operations will be examined. 

How will the selection process of proposals submitted be carried out?

The process of examining and selecting proposals will consist of several steps:
a. Preliminary screening – Professional preliminary screening by the managers of the fields relevant to the proposed technology. This filtering will examine whether the technology meets the needs of Israel Railways.
b. Evaluation Committee – After receiving extended and detailed information, the Evaluation Committee will discuss the technology proposed in collaboration with the entrepreneur. At this stage, the committee will examine, in depth, the possibility of integrating the technology into Israel Railways – initially at the beta site and later on all the infrastructure.
c. Memorandum of Understanding – At this stage, a memorandum of understanding will be signed detailing the legal relationship between Israel Railways and the entrepreneur, the framework for work and future interactions.
d. Actual trials – application of the technology at the beta site. The trials on the infrastructure of Israel Railways, led by Israel Railways employees and managers. As part of this, the entrepreneur will be given access to the Israel Railways facilities in order to test the train [sic] and make necessary modifications.

How will the various proposals submitted be filtered?

The proposals will be examined based on the following parameters:
  • Technology –adaptation to the needs of Israel Railways, the technological programming, innovation and originality, modification to standards, maturity and intellectual property
  • Market – expected price, technological necessity, marketing availability, potential market size and advantage over prices
  • Entrepreneur and developers – previous experience, business professionalism and personal capability
  • Company – financial capabilities, level of maturity of the company and the shareholders

How will the relationship between Israel Railway and the entrepreneurs be determined?

In return for providing access to Israel Railways’ platforms, Israel Railways will strive to obtain financial benefits from future cooperation; Discounts on the purchase of the technology when implementing it on all the infrastructure, royalties from the commercialization of the technology and / or options in the enterprise.

Where can I find out more details?

You can obtain further details from Hagay Rosenfeld, the Director of Innovation at Israel Railways, at [email protected]; Tel: (08) 653-3838.

What about confidentiality?

Israel Railways will maintain the confidentiality of the information submitted to it and such information will only be used for the purposes of examining and selecting technologies for implementation at the beta site

How to register and what are the registration dates?

Inquiries / questions can be forwarded from the date of publication of the clarion call.