This application does not constitute a bid or order or tender and the laws of tenders and the terms of the Tender Obligation Law 5753 - 1993 and regulations legislated thereunder will not apply to it.
Furthermore; the application does not oblige Israel Railways to negotiate with any of the applicants or to contractually associate with any of the applicants or to hold a tender or issue a request for proposals, or any other procedure for the development of the proposed technology. The purpose thereof is for Israel Railways to obtain information only, for purposes of examining future collaboration at the discretion of Israel Railways and the information provided within the framework thereof will be considered as being information provided by the free will of the applicant.
It is hereby clarified that Israel Railways will not be responsible, will not be obligated and will not bear any cost and / or expense incurred by the applicant due to and / or as a result of the inquiry by the applicant under this application.