1. Following a clarion call for technologies in the field of railways transport, we respectfully publish information regarding how to submit bids and how the Innovation Center operates
2. Israel Railways is establishing an innovation center that will allow selected entrepreneurs and startup companies access to Israel Railways’ infrastructure, as part of a beta site that will be chosen for testing the proposed technology. Within this framework, entrepreneurs will be allowed to examine the technologies they have developed, in order to make various modifications required before commercializing the technology.
3. The enterprise will be open for the submission of proposals relating to the range of areas of activity of Israel Railways.
4. The proposals will be examined based on the following parameters:
Technology – adaptation to the needs of Israel Railways, technological programming, innovation and originality, modification to standards, maturity and intellectual property
Market – ratio of price to expected benefit, technological necessity, marketing availability, potential market size and advantages over competitors
Entrepreneur and developers – previous experience, business professionalism and personal capability
Company – financial capabilities, level of maturity of the company and the shareholders
5. Following is the process of filtering and selecting the proposals that will be submitted:
a. Preliminary screening – general and professional initial screening by the managers of the relevant fields at Israel Railways for the proposed technology.
b. Evaluation Committee - After receiving extended and detailed information, the evaluation committee will discuss the proposed technology in collaboration with the entrepreneur. At this stage, it will examine, in depth, the possibility of integrating the technology in the trial field activity in the Israel Railways infrastructure.
c. Memorandum of Understanding – At this stage, a memorandum of understanding will be signed, detailing the legal relationship between Israel Railways and the entrepreneur, the framework for work and future interactions.
d. Actual trials – application of the technology at the beta site. The trials will be conducted on Israel Railways’ infrastructure, in collaboration with the Israel Railways employees and managers. Within this ambit, the entrepreneur will be granted access to the Israel Railways facilities, in accordance with the coordination safety regulations, in order to test the train [sic] and make necessary modifications.
6. The successful technologies selected by Israel Railways will have the potential to be integrated into all of Israel Railways’ operations.
7. As part of this process, Israel Railways will reserve the option of receiving royalties from the commercialization of the technology or options in the companies themselves, as agreed between the parties.
8. Proposals and inquiries may be submitted from the date of publication of the clarion call.
9. The address for submitting proposals, including questions, comments and / or clarifications, is that of the Director of Innovation at the Railway, Hagay Rosenfeld, by e-mail to: [email protected]; Tel: (08) 653-3838.
10. Israel Railways will maintain the confidentiality of the information submitted to it and it will be used solely for the purposes of examining and selecting technologies for application at the beta site.