​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Clarion call for the development of technologies in the field of Railway Transport

Start-Up Station

In recent years, Israel Railways has been implementing a comprehensive development plan, which makes it the transportation company with the highest growth rate and the largest transportation infrastructure company in Israel.

In order to maintain its status as a leading company in the field of public transport in Israel, Israel Railways is establishing an innovation center. As part of the new innovation center, entrepreneurs will be given the opportunity to integrate the technology they have developed at a Beta site provided by Israel Railways in order to examine any modifications required before commercialization.

The successful technologies will have the potential to be integrated into the railways transport industry and into Israel Railways in particular.

The Innovation Center is open for proposals for a variety of railways transport activities, for example:

  • Improving service and passenger experience - including the First and Last Mile
  • Innovation and advanced technologies in the field of railway track electrification
  • Technologies and measures to improve guarding, security and safety in train carriages and at train stations.
  • Traffic management – increasing train capacity
  • Cyber - attack protection – on the subject of rail and OT in particular
  • Operational optimization and predictive and preventive maintenance.
  • Development of applications that support advanced sales platforms
  • Innovation in the field of cargo transport
  • Development of location - based cellular applications
  • Energy saving technologies at passenger stations, railways workshops, etc.
  • Environmental quality and air pollution.
  • Other areas related to the day to day operations of Israel Railways or to the customer for the development of the railway tracks infrastructure.

Target Audience

Independent entrepreneurs, startup companies, university bodies and others who develop technologies in the field of railways transport and are interested in gaining access to a beta site to test the technology they have developed in real life conditions.

Clarion Call for Innovation 11949

Inquiry Form for the Clarion Call 11949

Examination of the applications:

A selection committee acting on behalf of Israel Railways will examine the proposals submitted to Israel Railways, at its sole discretion.

In examining the proposals, the committee will weigh up, inter alia, the following considerations:

  • The originality of the technology and the modification thereof to the needs of Israel Railways.
  • The potential market for the marketing of the product.
  • Personal capabilities and professional and academic experience of the entrepreneur and the development team.
  • Financial capabilities of the entrepreneur

​Key dates

Inquiries and proposals may be submitted from the date of publication of the clarion call and in accordance with the means of communication as specified on the Israel Railway’s website.

For further details, please contact the Israel Railways Innovation Manager, Hagay Rosenfeld, at [email protected], Tel: (08) 653-3838