​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Board Members of Israel Railways Ltd. ​​


Shahar Ayalon, CEO of Israel Railways since January 2017.

Born in 1955, holds a BA in Sociology and Political Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and MA in Political Science from the University of Haifa. Previously served as Fire and Rescue Commissioner, Deputy Inspector General and Commander of Tel Aviv District in the Israel Police force.

Phone Number: 08-6533801

Email:[email protected]


Boaz Hirsch, Deputy CEO Passenger Division since 2018.

Born 1965, has a B.A. in Economics and Law and an M.A in Law.

In his last positions he was CEO of the Employment Services, Assistant Director General and  Deputy CEO for Foreign Trade at the Ministry of the Economy and Industry.​

Phone Number: 08-6533222​​

Email: [email protected]


Yifat Levy Mayer, Acting VP of Human Resources since December 2017.

Born in 1975, holds an LLB and LLM from Tel Aviv University. Served previously as Director of the Human Resources Department of Israel Railways.

Phone Number: 08-6533606

Email:​[email protected]


Uri Sharir, VP of Cargos since January 2015.

Born in 1975, holds a BA in Humanities and Social Sciences from the Open University.

Served formerly as Director of the Cargo Transportation Department, Division Head of Israel Railways, CEO and Director of the Education Department in the Scouts Movement.

Phone Number: ​08-9778726​​

Email:[email protected]


​​Lior Eli, ​VP for safety, security and environmental quality since June 2017.

Born in 1972, Lior holds a bachelor's degree in emergency medicine and a master's degree in health systems management from Ben-Gurion University.

In his most recent positions he served as operations manager for Alon Tavor Dairy and was a senior department head for Tnuva, where he was in charge of safety, hygiene, health and hazardous materials for the giant Israeli concern.​

Phone Number:​ 08-6533334

Email​:[email protected]​​


Michael Cohen, VP of Infrastructures since September 2016.

Born in 1967, holds a BA in Law and Economics from Tel Aviv University. Formerly managed two Departments (former Districts) of Tel Aviv and North of Network and Infrastructure at Bezeq.

Phone Number:08-9548009

Email:[email protected]


Illiya Vulkov, Deputy CEO Development since July 2018.

Born 1965, M.A. in Train Engineering.

In his last position he managed the Infrastructure and Engineering Division at Maman.

In the past held senior positions in the Development Division.

Phone Number: 08-6533501

Email:[email protected]



Attorney Hila Shamir, legal advisor since June 2017.

Born in 1972, holder of a B.A. in law and an MBA from Bar-Ilan University.

In her most recent position, Hila served as legal advisor for the Second Television and Radio Authority. She has also served as legal advisor and senior department head for Israel Electric – in the licensing and supervision department.​

Phone Number: 08-6533871​

Email​:[email protected]


Amit Tsalka, Head of the Electrification Administration since January 2016​​​.

Born in 1967, holds a BA in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion. 

Formerly served as VP of Projects, and as Manager of Protection Program for Critical Assets at Logic Company, and Director of the EMEA Division of the Mer Group.

Phone Number: ​​08-6531911​

Email:[email protected]

Dror Soparo, Head of the High-Speed Line to Jerusalem Administration since January 2012.

Born in 1971, holds a BA in Civil Engineering from the Technion and MA in Public Policy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Previously served as VP of Engineering at Moriah Company and as the Director of HaHagana – Pleshet Line of Israel Railways.

Phone Number: ​08-6531855​

Email:[email protected]

Yoav Rizel, Director of the Operations Department as of June 2017.

In his previous positions at Israel Railways he served as Operations Division Manager, Passenger Division and Director of the Logistics Division.​

Phone: ​​08-6534329



Etti Finkelstein, Director of the Marketing Department since March 2012.

Born in 1967, holds a BA in Political Science and Labor Studies from Tel Aviv University and MBA from Ben Gurion University. Extensive experience in the business sector within leading industries: Tnuva, Soglowek, Castro. Previously served as a strategic consultant in a wide variety of strategic content worlds in local and international interfaces of leading companies.

Phone Number: 08-6533861​​

Email:[email protected]



Dr. Alex Dan, Director of the Strategy Department since March 2015.

Born in 1962, holds a BA in Industrial Engineering from Tel Aviv University, MA in Social Sciences from the University of Haifa and PhD in Science and Technology Education from the Technion. Graduate of the National Security College. 

Formerly served as CEO of A.D. New Path Enterprise LTD, CEO of "Education Cities", and Director of Business Unit at Elbit Systems Ltd.​

Phone Number: 08-6533409

Email: [email protected]



Dr. Israel Tal Saranga, Director of Spokesmanship and Customer Service Department since June 2014.

Born in 1969, holds a BA, MA and PhD in Political Sciences and Communication from Bar Ilan University. Graduate of the Journalism and Communication Unit at Bar Ilan University and Bachelor of Business Administration from the College of Management Academic Studies.

Previously served as the Air Force Spokesman and as Head of Branch in the IDF Spokesman Division.

Phone Number: ​​08-6533701

Email:[email protected]


Helit Megiddo, Company Secretary and Commissioner of Internal Enforcement since March 2015.

Born in 1974, holds an LLB from the College of Management Academic Studies and LLM from the Hebrew University. Previously she served as National Commissioner of Procedures and Commissioner of Labor Relations in Israel Railways, Assistant to the Legal Advisor of the Knesset and legal advisor of various committees in the Knesset.​​​

Phone Number: ​08-6533846

Email:​ [email protected]​​

Doron Lahav, Deputy CEO, Mobile Division since 2017.

Born 1961, has a B.A. in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion.

Previously occupied the post of Deputy CEO Operations for Israelift Elevators and, was Manager of the Mobile Division's Maintenance and Operations Department in Haifa. 

Phone Number: ​08-6533405​

Email:​ [email protected]​​