• Israel Railways management is committed to implementing quality policies within the company in accordance with the demands of International standard ISO 9001. The company is committed to ensuring work place health and safety standards and to developing a work environment that meets international standards and in accordance with the SMS management system.

  • Israel Railways will take action to plan and implement these policies whilst taking into consideration the expectations of interested parties and investors who are partners with the company.

  • Management and employees are committed to operating in accordance with the company's directives and protocols and in accordance with all legal requirements. This whilst increasing efficiency, constant improvement and the establishment of goals and indexes. This is to ensure the company's effectiveness with regard to work procedures and protocols.

  • The company's employees are a human asset constituting a central component of the organization's assets. The company will ensure to train, motivate and advance its employees.

  • The company's relationships with its customers will be totally transparent. The company will quickly publish focused, up to date information and reliable reports via technological communication channels.

  • Management will take steps to increase efficiency and maximize the returns of Israel Railways resulting from its passenger and freight services.

  • Management and employees are committed to operating the company professionally whilst maintaining the accuracy of published timetables, standards of cleanliness in passenger carriages and public conveniences in stations and advanced technological services.

  • Israel Railway is committed to preserving the high quality of the maintenance and repair services for its mobile fleet whilst ensuring its suitability for engineering and safety requirements and international standards.

  • The company's management and employees are committed to planning and developing new rail tracks and stations, to lead Israel Railways into a new era of electrified train services, of fast, reliable, safe and clean service that brings economic benefits to the Israeli economy.

  • The company's employees and managers will operate to identify risks and dangers in all work processes and procedures and will take the appropriate actions to reduce and prevent risks as much as possible.

  • As a core value we shall maintain high levels of operational and work safety on the rail tracks, in passenger stations, on all Israel Railway's sites and at all highway and track intersections. We shall constantly improve safety levels for both passengers and employees.

  • We shall continue to maintain high levels of skill and proficiency to ensure the safety and security of the company's passengers. This through the posting of trained, skilled and professional teams at passenger train stations, using the advanced technological resources that the company has at its disposal.

  • Israel Railways management and employees are committed to an environmental management program and to maximizing the significant environmental benefits resulting from the company's operations.



Shachar Eyalon, General Manager