​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Simply protecting value​​​

At Israel Railways, we believe that available, safe, and efficient railways improve the quality of life of millions of Israelis, act as an economic growth engine and connect people and communities. By acting on behalf of the public of the State of Israel, we affect and are affected by vast and varied parties of interest, every single day. 

The Code of Ethics serves as a compass, guiding the managers and employees who work at Israel Railways about how to act and to deal with challenges and moral dilemmas. This code is designed to outline the basic principles guiding the manner of our daily conduct, within our relations with the various stakeholder groups. 

The Code of Ethics does not replace the laws, the rules and the professional guidelines applying to Israel Railways, its managers and employees, and it shall not derogate or ease from the provision of any applicable law, as well as the procedures and the guidelines of Israel Railways. Adherence to these provisions becomes an integral part of the Code of Ethics. 

Passengers are at the heart of everything we do​​  

Israel Railways considers customer satisfaction as a supreme value. Every single day, we work to improve relations with our passengers by building trust and empathy, and responding to their needs in the appropriate way.

Driving growth​ At Israel Railways, we consider our activity as an economic and social growth engine, with wide-ranging impact on the Israeli economy. That's why we are continually expanding the rail network and the development plans, with the goal of connecting the different parts of the country.  

Promoting professional service​ The employees of Israel Railways are committed to understanding passengers' needs and to placing them at the top of the organizational list of priorities. We undertake to handle passengers' requests quickly, efficiently and transparently. 


Maintaining accuracy around the clock​ For us at Israel Railways, accuracy is an attitude. We are constantly working to deliver on schedules, through optimal operation and by paying attention to the smallest details when it comes to passenger service. ​


Making the service accessible​​ As a public company, Israel Railways' employees and managers strive to make all services of Israel Railways accessible for passengers with disabilities. We are here to assist you. 

People are the key to our success​​​ ​​The success of everything we do at Israel Railways depends on our employees and managers. We're committed to creating a working environment that strives for excellence, and that promotes continuous professional development. We, the employees and managers of Israel Railways, are committed to act with the utmost professionalism, and dedication to our business and ethical values. 

As public service providers we​

Represent Israel Railways respectfully – by realizing that our personal and professional behavior affects the image of the entire organization. We are being strict about appropriate representation within any interface, including the public space and the internet space.

Working professionally - we are familiar with our work and we know how to solve issues and unexpected failures professionally and skillfully. We use the technological and professional tools and measures being at our disposal, including equipment and systems, and we observe to protect the safety of our customers, our work colleagues and the general public, in an uncompromising manner.

Adjusting ourselves to the changing environment - we maintain dynamism at work, we procure to learn and to be professionally updated in a constant manner. We adjust ourselves to the varied circumstances and we make the requested changes to the requirements of the job and the duty. 

Taking systematic approach and undertaking personal responsibility - We do our job, while undertaking personal and organizational responsibility over our decisions and actions. We are acting out of seeing the general picture, and out of good will and collaboration with all factors inside and outside the Organization.  

Reporting with reliability​​​​​ - We undertake to deliver every report in full transparency, in an accurate, comprehensive, up-to-date and reliable manner. 
Placing high business standards - we act persistently for economic efficiency and for improvement of the results and profitability, thus while protecting the resources of Israel Railways.

​The managers of Israel Railways are committed to all of the above and in addition they are:​​

Promoting employees based on professional considerations - we act for placement and promotion of employees according to relevant, professional and valuable considerations. 

Developing the human capital - we invest resources in the professional development of the employees, in their empowerment and in provision of skills required for the success of the Organization and for compliance with its varied needs.

Supporting employment diversity - we recognize the added value of diverse and multicultural spine of employees, and promote employment of workers from all layers of Israeli society, while honoring the other person and giving respect to multiplicity of opinions. 

Business Partners, contractors and suppliers​​

At Israel Railways we recognize the importance of our relationships with suppliers, consultants and external contractors, and we consider the collaborative relations with them as an essential factor in our success. ​

A word is a word- we fully comply with the agreements we have signed with suppliers and partners. 

Keeping professional and ethical standards- We expect contractors and suppliers to meet professional and ethical standards, to be strict about quality, budget, schedule as well as commercial aspects and we expect to receive fair consideration from our partners within the engagement with them.

Acting fairly in tenders- We work without bias, and in a straight and transparent manner when selecting suppliers and contractors. Each supplier is given equal opportunity, without discrimination. 

Being strict about professional relations- We maintain professional relations with suppliers and contractors and we avoid conflicts of interest. 

Protecting the rights of contractor workers-  At Israel Railways, we are aware of our liability toward workers employed by subcontractors. We expect our suppliers to act in light of the ethical standards displayed in this Code, by committing to ensure that the employ​ment terms of these employees are appropriate, and that their rights set by law are protected.

Learning from col leagues- We s​ee the Israeli and the international entities working with us as partners for the way, and we try to learn from them at all times, as well as to maintain and to share the knowledge accumulated within our collaborative work, for the sake of the future and for the good all the Company's employees and the citizens of Israel. 

Environment and community​​​

As a government company, we are dedicated to contributing to the welfare of Israel's citizens in terms of social and environmental aspects.  We strive, at all times, to improve our services in order to continue being an advanced and environmentally-friendly means of transportation. ​​


Connecting Israel- Israel Railways' raison d'être is being a means of transportation connecting between people, communities and settlements. We employ residents from all over the country and encourage studies of the Railway profession within educational and academic institutions around the country.

Conducting a dialog for the sake of society and environment- We are committed to creating social and environmental collaborations with all sectors and to share our activity with the public. 

Cultivating sustainability- Our work is rooted in environmental awareness and we strive to identify and manage all of our material environmental effects, using goals defined within every area, measurement, and customized work plans.​