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Automatic compensation system for late trains
We have launched an automatic compensation system for late trains. At this time, customers who made one train journey (without changing trains) can apply to the system to obtain a compensation ticket within 48 hours.

A number of ways are available for you to obtain compensation for a late train:

  • You may contact the station managers within 14 days from the journey, with the paper ticket or Rav Kav that you used.
    Attention! You may obtain compensation at stations with an active teller.

  • Journey paid by Rav Kav
    • If you made the journey without changing trains between the departing station and the destination (one train for the entire journey), you may apply for compensation via the automatic compensation or refurn system for a late train (Hebrew)
    • If you changed trains at an interim station on journey, contact us by filling out the compensation application form. Attention! Fill in all the fields on the form. If details are missing, we cannot handle your application.
    • The compensation tickets will only be charged on the Rav Kav used for the journey.

  • Journey with a paper ticket
    • Inquiry by mail: send the tickets to the Customer Service Department at 3 Moshe Rd., Lod, postal code 7130702. Attention! Provide your contact information in the letter for sending mail.
    • Compensation tickets will be sent by mail the address provided.

Attention! You may apply for compensation within six months of the event.



At Israel Railways, we know that your time is precious and we make every effort to avoid late trains and get you to your destination on time. However, malfunctions sometimes occur, which delay trains. If the train reaches your destination late by 30 minutes or more, you are eligible for the following compensation. 
  • A delay of 30-60 minutes – if a train is late by more than 30 minutes from its scheduled time prescribed in the timetable, you are eligible for a free ticket on the line you traveled. 
  • A delay of more than 60 minutes – if a train is late by more than 60 minutes from its scheduled time prescribed in the timetable, you are eligible for two free tickets on the line you traveled.

Cancelled train
If a train is cancelled, you may wait for the next train, and receive compensation for the delay at the end of the journey. 
If you choose not to wait for the next train, you may receive a refund of the fair the used ticket. To check your eligibility for a refund, contact the Customer Service Department via the online form

Validity of the compensation ticket
A compensation ticket for a late train in unlimited in time and you may use it at any time of your choosing.

Limited liability
Compensation for a late/cancelled train is final, complete, and exclusive for clearing claims in the matter of late/cancelled trains.