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You can obtain information held by Israel Railways (written, recorded, filmed, photographed or computerized) when it comes to the Railways activity and the issues under its responsibility, and pursuant to the provisions and the regulations of the Freedom of Information Law, 5758 -1998.​


What is the Freedom of Information Law? 

The Freedom of Information Law, 5758-1998,  determines that any Israeli citizen or resident has the right to receive information held by public authority (written, recorded, filmed, photographed or computerized) when it comes to its activity and issues under its responsibility and pursuant to the provisions and the regulations of the Law.​


What are the fees involved in receiving information by the Law? ​

Request Fee: 

The Request Fee for obtaining information is NIS 20, and the payment will be transferred after receiving a confirmation message about the admittance of the request form at Israel Railways together with a reference number. 

The payment should be sent in an envelope stipulating the reference number to the following address:​

שחר וייסמן​ - מנהל שירות לקוחות ,ממונה על יישום חוק חופש המידע

שירות לקוחות רכבת ישראלדרכי משה 3, לוד, מיקוד: 7130703

Shahar Weissman - Customer Service Manager, in charge of implementation of the Freedom of Information Law

Israel Railways Customer Service, Darkei Moshe 3, Lod, 7130703​

Processing Fee: 

The fee in respect of searching the requested information, its sorting, the examination of its delivery option and its preparation towards delivery and the processing of it (hereinafter - Processing Fee), will be NIS 30 per each work hour of information searching, sorting or otherwise processing of the request, starting from the fourth hour.

Extraction Fees:

NIS 0.20 per photocopy page or extracted computer output.
NIS 2.50 per computer CD provided
Recorded, filmed or photographed information – in accordance with the actual cost of the material extraction.


Obligation for fees payment:​​

Obligation for fees payment: 

  • ​A person who submits a request to obtain information (hereinafter – the Applicant), will pay Request Fee, and shall undertake to bear the Processing Fee and the Extraction Fee, up to amount not exceeding NIS 150.
  • If the Commissioner has reasonable grounds to assume that upon submitting request for information, or within each step of its processing steps, the processing will be in a scope necessitating payment of Processing Fee and Extraction Fee in total amount exceeding NIS150, the Commissioner shall notify the Applicant about the estimated amounts of the Processing Fee and the Extraction Fee, and he is entitled to require the Applicant to deposit the estimated amount or part of it, or to provide with guarantees to ensure payment of the full amount.
  • Provided that the Commissioner informed the Applicant as stated in Section 2, the Commissioner shall not continue processing the request until the Applicant informs about his consent to bear the estimated cost, and he has deposited the amounts or provided the guarantees, as required.​

How can I tell if the requested information carries a fee? 

You can find out before payment at the Information and Customer Service Call Center *5770. Our service representatives will check and update whether the information is included under the Freedom of Information Law, whether it can be handed down or whether it is included under information that is prohibited from publication or does not require delivery to the public, and whether one is obligated to pay a fee.​

How is the processing procedure being operated? 


Before submitting the request, we recommend that you: ​​


  • Determine whether the subject is under the responsibility of Israel Railways.
  • Determine whether the subject was previously published or is already available to the public.



When the request contains a number of topics, a separate form has to be filled out for each subject (one Request Fee).​

Sending the request by mail and by fax may cause unnecessary delay to the request processing. Please send the request via one manner only.

What happens following the request receipt:

  • Sending of confirmation of request receipt + request number.
  • Opening the processing procedure of the request.
  • Gathering the requested information.
  • Preparing and editing the information for the Applicant.
  • Sending a payment voucher for the Processing Fee and generating the information for the Applicant.
  • Upon receipt of payment confirmation (sending voucher paid by fax/mail) - sending the requested information to the Applicant.

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