Do you want to travel in peace and quiet?

Buy a reserved seating ticket before your journey and enjoy your own reserved seat and travel quietly and comfortably.

The service operates on the following lines:

  • Karmi'el to Be'er Sheva*
    * On Sundays, the service will not be provided on trains departing from the Karmi’el Train Station to the Be’er Sheva – Center Train Station at the following times: 05:59, 06:59, 07:59.
  • Hertsliyya to Be'er Sheva

Important Information:
  • You may purchase a reserved seat one-way ticket before your journey for only an additional NIS 5, either online, at the train station ticket offices or the automatic ticket machines at the stations. 
  • You may purchase a reserved seat ticket prior to embarking the train and up to 14 days prior to the date of your upcoming journey.
  • The details of your journey and your seat number will appear on your ticket.  Keep it with you.
  • The reserved seating train section is located in the northern train car.  Entrance into this section is on condition that a reserved seating ticket is purchased..
  • In the reserved seating train car, please refrain from using cellular devices and you are requested to keep quiet during the journey. 
  • This service may be purchased for one direction only.
  • The reserved seating train car is available on Sundays to Fridays.

The service is not available on Saturday nights, holiday eves and on special dates that will be published in advance. 

You may easily and conveniently purchase the service online, through the website. 
The option for purchasing the reserved seating service appears on the Travel Route Results page, for trains that offer this service.

A Rav Kav card is not needed.