​​Israel Railways makes every effort to ensure your journey is pleasant, enjoyable and efficient. For rail users looking to make the most of their travel time, we've introduced a new Quiet Car service featuring a designated noise-free car where passengers are requested to keep quiet, and refrain from talking on cellular devices. Passengers can reserve seats in advance, thereby guaranteeing a journey filled with peace and quiet. So you can simply... enjoy the ride! 

Purchasing tickets for the Quiet Car​​

Passengers can upgrade to the Quiet Car service by adding 5​ NIS to the price of their travel ticket. A travel ticket including the Quiet Car service and reserved seat can be purchased at the station before boarding the train, at the cashier or at the automatic ticket machines. 

Worth knowing...


  • The reserved seat service is available in the northern carriage.

  • A reserved ticket can be purchased for a one-way journey.

  • Reserved seats can only be purchased at station ticket offices, up to seven days before your planned travel date.

  • Reserved seat tickets must be purchased before boarding the train.

  • The service operates from Sunday to Friday and on the eve of festivals only for trains on the Nahariya/Haifa-Modi'in/Be'er Sheva lines.

  • The service does not operate on Saturday nights, on the evening after a religious festival and other special occasions when announced in advance.

  • ​Passengers who do not have a reserved seat ticket will not be allowed to board the reserved carriage​