​​​​​​​Planning a day trip? Going to a remote conference? On your way to an academic seminar? Thinking about an original team-building day or experiential event for colleagues and customers?

Israel Railways invites you to enjoy special and educational train journeys which provide a different experience – Let the fun begin already on the ride itself!

Group Trips by Israel Railways offer easy and safe travel, in a designated car enabling a quiet and enjoyable travel experience and the option to use the travel time for delivering content, updates or for welcome and registration. 

Group Trips are customized for groups of all types: schools, youth movements, pensioners, business companies, team building days and more.  


Israel Railways invites groups of over 20 people, to take advantage of a special travel price and to experience pleasurable, quiet and safe travel within a car reserved exclusively for you.

Groups of over than 250 guests will be able to rent a special train to any destination and for any purpose. The origin and destination stations, the intermediate stops and the railway times will be determined upon your request, subject to the approval of the officials operating the railway, and upon prior preliminary coordination. 


In addition, you can integrate complimentary transportation to your destination, activities on the way or refreshments during your journey. Group travel by train will make your experience unforgettable and will enable you to enjoy a pleasant and quiet trip, around tables, with electrical outlets and all within a space reserved entirely and exclusively for you!


For more information and coordination please contact us by email to [email protected]