​​​​​​​​​Here at Israel Railways, we put a lot of thought, time and resources into​ making your travel experience a special and pleasant one. With the aim of enhancing your enjoyment of the ride, we've launched the "Playing Music at the Station" Project. As part of the Project, train passengers can now enjoy pleasant and relaxing music on their way to work or study, back from a busy day or on the way home. The Project has received very positive feedback and a wonderful response from passengers, and brings a creative and international flavor to the daily travel experience.

Creativity, Art and Music…so you can simply enjoy the ride!​​

Stage for young creators​

"Playing Music at the Station" Project was launched in 2015, with the goal of creating a quality stage for performers of all types, including ensembles from the leading music schools in Israel. Throughout the year, composers and artists have been exposed to a wide and diverse audience, and passengers who enjoyed the creativity on their way, took part in the birth of new creators. ​​​

"Playing Music at the Station" Project hosts

As part of the Project, during 2016 we hosted well-known musical icons at Israel Railways, with unique shows using the pianos located at the stations. Among the artists who appeared at the various stations: The Voca People, Tararam, the Israeli Opera, The Israel Festival and more. ​​

Simply Play on the Way

During 2016, we hosted ten artists, who created original works of art on the pianos located at the stations, based on the refrain "Simply Play on the Way" as a central motif of all their creations. Local artists, employing a variety of painting techniques, took part in the creation process. You can see the decorated pianos at the various railway stations. 

The activity brought color and art into the stations, and was designed to encourage musical creativity and spontaneous playing, using the pianos placed within the stations. 

Today, these professional and decorated pianos, are placed at various stations nationwide, and freely serve creative musicians, who play for their own pleasure, and make our train passengers' journey more pleasant at the same time! The passengers themselves, with their impromptu piano playing, become partners in transforming the travel experience into an even more enjoyable one. Israel Railways wishes you a pleasant journey, with music on the way! ​

We​​ invite ​you to play at these stations​

  • Ahihud

  • Afula​

  • ​Ashdod​

  • Ashkelon​​

  • Ben Gurion Airport​​​

  • Be'er Sheva-Center​​​

  • ​Be'er ​Sheva North​

  • Bat Yam Yoseftal
  • Beit She'an​​
  • Haifa Hof HaKarmel

  • Haifa-Bat Galim​​​

  • ​Hod HaSharon-Sokolov​

  • Holon Junction

  • Holon-Wolfson​

  • ​Jerusalem-Malha​​

  • Jerusalem - Yitzchak Navon

  • Karmiel​

  • ​Kfar Sava-Nordau (A.Kostyuk)​​​

  • Modi'in Center ​

  • Netanya-Sapir​

  • Netivot​​​

  • ​Ofakim​​​

  • Petah Tikva-Kiryat Arye​​

  • Reshon LeTsyyon Moshe Dayan

  • Rosh Ha'Ayin-North​​​

  • Raanana - South

  • Sderot​

  • Tel Aviv HaHagana

  • ​Tel Aviv Savidor Central

  • Tel Aviv University​​​

  • ​​Yokne'am-Kfar Yehoshu'a​

  • Yavne-West​