​​​​​​​​​​​Come and visit the largest infrastructure project in Israel! Tel Aviv-Jerusalem High-Speed Railway Line

We in Israel Railways are pleased to invite you to tour at the Visitors Center of Tel-Aviv Jerusalem High-Speed Railway Line, and to take a close look at the largest infrastructure project in Israel. The High-Speed Railway Project will connect between Jerusalem and the Dan Agglomeration in less than 30 minutes, and it will be the first electric railway line in Israel!

As part of the line building process, along 57 km of rail:

  • ​We have established 7 km of bridges, including the highest railway bridge in Israel of 95 meters height, as well as the longest bridge in Israel, of 1,250 meters length. ​

  • We have breached 38 km of tunnels, including the longest tunnel in Israel, of 11.6 km length.

  • We have used advanced technologies, including 3 TBM machines for tunnel breaching, which were being used in Israel for the first time. 

  • We have established an underground station of 80 meters depth, which is one of the five deepest railway stations of the world!

  • We have built rail system and advanced ​systems. 


And all, while maintaining the environmental texture, the nature and the landscape. 

What is included in the tour?

During the tour we will learn about the challenging process of tunnel mining, the construction of the unique bridges, the electric train technology, as well as the ways for landscape, animals and nature preservation throughout all phases of the complex project. 

It is important that you know!

  • The Visitor Center is located at Sha'ar HaGai and it holds a guided tour.

  • The tours are being held upon advanced coordination on Sun. to Thu. Between 09:00-17:00 and they are designated to closed and organized groups of 15-30 participants.

  • The tours are adjusted to the age of 18 or older. Visitors at the ages of 10-18 could take part only in the tour at the Visitor Center Hall (excluding touring at the area of the construction works).

  • The tour is free of charge.

  • ​ It is impossible to arrive at the Visitor Center without advanced coordination. Please order an organized minibus or bus if you arrive within a group.

For queries, coordination and further information, you may contact by the number 02-6472601 or contact us through the following electronic mail: [email protected].


How do you reach the Israel Railways Visitors Center?  

Look for the "Administration of the High-Speed railway line to Jerusalem" on WAZE.​

For those coming from South or from North:

Enter Highway 1 and at Latrun Interchange continue towards Jerusalem.

At Sha'ar HaGai Interchange take the right exit towards Road 38 heading Beit Shemesh.

After driving about one kilometer, take the right turn towards "Paz" Gas Station and immediately afterwards turn right one more time towards "Sha'ar HaGai Caravanserai", after the exit from the tunnel stick to the right towards Tel Aviv.

After about 400 meters there is an aligning back to Road 38, stick to the left towards Tel Aviv.

Immediately afterwards there is another split, where you take the right turn next to the yellow sign directing an "exit".

At the roundabout, keep straight and take the left turn at the "Work Site" sign.

After driving for another minute on an operational road, you shall arrive at the Administration Gate.             ​

For those coming from Jerusalem:

Take Highway 1 up to "Paz" gas station at Sha'ar HaGai.

Enter the Gas Station and drive through it until you reach a roundabout.

At the roundabout, take the first exit to the right into an operational road.

You have about one minute driving ahead and you will arrive at the Administration's gate.