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Request to issue a Rav Kav

The issues of a personal Rav Kav is free of charge.

The card is personal and cannot be used by others. However, it is possible to purchase an anonymous or semi-anonymous Rav Kav for 5 NIS at a train station.

When choosing one of these possibilities it will not be possible to restore the travel ticket, or the sum deposited on it if it is lost or stolen.

Passengers entitled to a discount (students, youth, senior citizens, disabled and blind passengers) can only have a Rav Kav issued or update their Rav Kav profile using a Service Station and must produce an identifying document (Identity card, driving license, passport or other relevant documents that proof their eligibility). Issuing a Rav Kav is free of charge.

If you have any questions, please contact our Custome Service Center on * 5770​​​


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  1. I have requested a Rav Kav after having the possibility if purchasing an anonymous smart Rav Kav card explained to me.

  2. I am aware that if I have provided incorrect information I am liable to the penalties defined by law.

  3. That no other personal Rav Kav card other than this has been issued to me unless returned due to damage or defect, if stolen or lost and after I informed the public transport operator, in writing, of the damage, loss or theft as stated.​

  4. During a journey I will present the card to any officer of Israeli Rail if requested to do so. The card is personal and cannot be transferred to other persons. Unlawful use of the card will result in the card being recalled for further investigation and legal action, as defined by law, may be taken.

  5. I have read “About the personal information collected in order to issue a public transport smart card” and I give my permission, in advance, for its usage as stated.

  6. I have been informed that topping up my Rav Kav card will allow a single, one-way journey only.

  7. I have been informed that it is not possible to use the balance on my Rav Kav card for other types of journey (monthly, weekly, daily return, season ticket or any other travel arrangement).​​​​​