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Rules for Safe Travel by Train

Dear Passengers,

It is important for you that you reach your destination safely and without malfunctions. For this purpose, we are informing you about a number of rules that will make the journey by train safer:
  • Be ready in advance to disembark from the train and move quickly away from the doors.
  • When the train stops, be careful and hold onto the hand grip/pole/side until the train comes to a full stop.
  • When descending on the stairs from the upper deck use the railing and grip it strongly.
  • Avoid using both hands to carry bags or luggage when descending with without holding onto the railing.
  • When embarking onto a train, mind the gap between the train and the platform.
  • Avoid embarking onto a train with both hands holding luggage.
  • It is prohibited to put a baby carriage on the train unless the child is strapped in! The child must be strapped in when embarking on a train!
  • Obey the travel instructions announced by the loudspeaker. If you are traveling with earphones, take this into account.
  • It is prohibited to block the car aisle Place your luggage beneath the seat or on the designated shelves.
  • The car's power sockets are intended for charging mobile phones. It is prohibited to use them for any other purpose (it is prohibited to charge a bicycle battery or hook up any other powered device).

These safety rules are intended to keep you and the other passengers on the train healthy. Please obey them so that we can all reach our destinations safely.