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The Website and App Regulations

The use of the Website or App of Israel Railways (hereinafter jointly – the "Website") and the content displayed therein and any other mean is subject to the terms of use defined and set forth below. The very use of the Website attests to the user's acceptance of all terms of use set forth in these Regulations.  
The following use of masculine language is for convenience purposes only. 

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights and copyrights in the data and/or information displayed on the Website belong Exclusively to Israel Railways Ltd. (hereinafter: the "Railways"). It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, sell, translate or publish in any way, any information displayed on the Website and no commercial use of any detail of the Website is allowed without the prior written permission of the Railways. 
The use of the Website and the information therein will be made only for personal and non-commercial purposes and in accordance with the law. 
Intellectual property rights in the Website, including copyrights, which apply to the information on the Website, its content, the graphic design of the Website and any other detail therein, and the trademark of the Website, including the Railways' slogan and the Railway's logo, are the Railways' sole property. It is forbidden to make use of them or to distribute, copy or display them in public or give to any third party any part of the Website's contents without the prior written consent of the Railways.

The Website's content and its appropriateness 

The information on the Website is displayed for the convenience of the user only. The Railways and/or anyone acting on its behalf will bear no responsibility for any damage, inconvenience or aggravation and for any direct and/or indirect consequence incurred by the user, his property or third party, due to the use of contents on the Website or due to the reliance on them. Israel Railways and/or anyone acting on its behalf shall not be liable for or bear any indirect damage, its consequences and damages incurred by the user or third party, as a result of the use of the Website and/or the information therein and/or the services provided therein - whatever the cause of action may be. 
The Railways shall not be liable for any error, mistake, omission or inaccuracy and/or update of the information and/or data published on the Website, including changes in travel times and/or itineraries, failure to meet schedules and/or cancelation of trains, and for any damage and/or expense caused as a result thereof. 
As well, the Railways shall bear no responsibly to the content displayed on other websites to which the links available on the Website lead, and without derogating from this rule – including websites for selling train tickets, and it does not guarantee that any link will lead to an active website.
Israel Railways makes its best efforts to maintain the proper operation of the Website. However, Israel Railways does not guarantee that the service on the Website will be provided properly without outages and malfunctions, including malfunctions in hardware, software, or communication lines. Israel Railways will bear, directly and/or indirectly, no responsibility for any damage in the event of a technical problem, and/or outages and/or malfunctions on the Website and the service provided therein and/or malfunctions and disruptions on the global internet and/or the various communication lines that allow access to the Internet. 
Israel Railways makes its best efforts to ensure that the Website is safe for use and free of any 'virus' or malware and/or illegal software. However, Israel Railways cannot guarantee that the Website will be safe for use and free of malware and/or illegal software at any time. Israel Railways will bear, directly and/or indirectly, no responsibility for any damage to be caused by 'viruses' and/or malware or illegal software. 

Advertising Content

Advertising content, as much as it is published on the Website or on websites to which linked available on the Website lead, is the sole responsibility of the advertisers. Use of advertising content and the reliance on it are the sole responsibility of the user.  

Acceptable use

The use of the Website and/or the app will be reasonable and acceptable use, for legal purposes, according to the terms and provisions of these regulations and subject to the relevant law provisions.
It is strictly forbidden to take actions that could cause a great deal of unreasonable load on the Website or infrastructure, impair the software code or the visibility of the Website or to access it by illegal means. 

Train travel terms

Transportation of passengers and their baggage on trains is subject to the rules prescribed in the relevant law provisions, including the Railroads Ordinance [New Version], 5732-1972 and the regulations enacted by virtue of it, and the provisions of the Ministry of Transport and other travel terms the Railways notifies the public from time to time, by various means, including this Website. 

Purchasing travel tickets

Travel tickets may be purchased through other websites operated by commercial and other parties, which are not operated by Israel Railways. Israel Railways is not responsible for the information on these sites or the terms and conditions of purchase of travel tickets therein, even if links leading to these websites are available on this Website.
The terms of use of a Rav-Kav card are not the responsibility of Israel Railways and are listed on the Rav Kav or the HopOn websites.  

Effecting Payments Through the Website

Payment through the website of the double [sic] fare charged to a passenger, will be effected by providing the personal information (hereinafter “identification information”) of the user as required on the payment page, as well as information regarding a valid credit card honored by Israel Railways, at its sole discretion. 

The credit card will be charged with the payment immediately upon the completion of the payment process at the website and will be effected in one installment. 

A condition for completing the payment process is that the details entered by the user have been received and inputted at the website in full, as required by the website. 

There may be various reasons that may cause malfunctions and disruptions in the payment input process and the user declares that he is aware of the possibility that such malfunctions may occur in his case, without derogating from his right to cancel the payment in case of a failure to complete the payment process. 

The payment will be completed and will be considered valid only after receiving confirmation of the completion of the payment process. 

If the user received a message during or after the payment, regarding an error in the payment details or with respect to a malfunction that occurred in the system during the inputting of the payment process, or if the user did not receive confirmation of completion of the payment process, the user must contact Israel Railways customer service hotline at *5770, during the hours of business of the hotline center and to arrange for the completion of the payment process. 
Typing identification information that is not that of the user and / or is not by virtue of a legal authorization to use the identification information of another – is strictly prohibited by law.

Reserved Seat Service

The service is not active during the Corona period.  

“Direct Accumulated Value” Pilot Program

  • Pursuant to the directives of the Ministry of Transport, the Israel Railways operates a “Direct Accumulated Value” service, which will be tested during a pilot program period, commencing on March 4, 2121. 
  • The “Direct Accumulated Value” service allows passengers holding a Rav Kav card, who have loaded accumulated value to the card, to travel by train using the accumulated value, by going directly through the entrance gates of the train station (validators) and performing a validity check, without prior purchase of the train ticket and without having to perform a prior validation operation.
  • The use of the “Direct Accumulated Value” service is effected by validating entry at the entrance gate (validator) at the departure station, using the Rav Kav card, before the trip, and validating exit at the exit gate, at the destination station, at the end of the trip.
  • The use of the “Direct Accumulated Value” service is conditional upon a monetary balance of the accumulated value on the Rav Kav card, which will be sufficient to pay the full fare for the trip. It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure that he has a sufficient monetary balance of the accumulated value. Please note: Riding the train without a sufficient monetary balance – is equivalent to riding the train without a suitable ticket!
  • Any use of the “Direct Accumulated Value” service, for any trip, is conditional upon a minimum monetary balance of NIS 30 in the accumulated value.
  • The use of the “Direct Accumulated Value” service is permitted for one passenger only.

  • The “Direct Accumulated Value” service will be tested during the pilot period in addition to the regular service.

    The regular use of accumulated value continues unchanged, including the option to convert one or several tickets out of the accumulated value and the option to perform early validation, before the validation and passing through the entrance gate.

  • Please note: The “Direct Accumulated Value” service is not intended for passengers who hold both accumulated value and a periodic travel ticket on their Rav Kav card

    Pursuant to the directives of the Ministry of Transport, and as is the case with bus travel – using a Rav Kav card that has both accumulated value and a periodic travel ticket, activates the periodic travel ticket by default. If your Rav Kav card has both accumulated value and a periodic travel ticket and you would like to use the accumulated value – go to the vending machines and activate the accumulated value in the normal way and not through the “Direct Accumulated Value” service.

Use of a Payment App

  • The use of payment app is in accordance with the directives of the Ministry of Transport and the terms of use of the app through which the passenger chose to pay the fare and perform the validation at the entrance and exit gates at the train stations. Israel Railways Ltd. will not be held responsible in any manner for the integrity of the apps, for the collection the fare through them, for the amount of the fare when using them, for imposing increased monetary charges through them or for any other aspect of their use. For additional details, access the website of the National Public Transport Authority at the Ministry of Transport

  • Pursuant to the provisions of the law and the directives of the Ministry of Transport, travel via a payment app is conditional upon validation at the entrance and exit gates at the train stations, similar to the validation of a Rav Kav card. The validation is effected by scanning a Q. R. code produced by the app and displayed on the smartphone screen, at the entrance and exit gates at the train stations. Scanning the Q. R. code in the proper manner opens the entrance or exit gate at the train station and only the scanned Q. R. code is what allows the passenger to enter or exit the station, as the case may be. 

  • Riding a train without the proper validation, both at the entrance to the departure station and at the exit from the destination station, is equivalent to riding the train without a ticket and may result in increased monetary charges being imposed on the passenger through the app, pursuant to the provisions of the law and the directives of the Ministry of Transport.

  • A passenger must present, at the request of a Railways official, the app screen in which the barcode intended for the particular journey is displayed and which must be validated as stipulated above. 

  • In case of any malfunction or complaint regarding the use of the payment apps, the passenger must contact the service hotline of the National Public Transport Authority at the Ministry of Transport by calling *8787, or the service center of the app used.

    Do not contact the Israel Railways service center hotline in these matters, as this service center cannot assist in these matters.

    A passenger who purchased a train ticket through a payment app, is entitled to compensation for train delays, according to the same conditions that apply to a passenger who purchased a paper ticket or used his Rav Kav card to purchase a ticket, detailed on this website at the Compensation for a late/cancelled train page

    A compensation ticket will be issued to a passenger who is entitled to compensation, by means of a paper ticket, an SMS message or other digital means, determined by Israel Railways.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Israel Railways takes the necessary measures to prevent infiltration to the Website, to keep confidentiality of users' personal information, and to prevent potential violations of users' privacy. However, disruptions cannot be prevented completely and no full assurance may be made that confidentiality and privacy will indeed always be kept. Therefore, the user hereby declares that the contents of this article are understandable to him and that the user shall have no allegation and/or demand and/or claim against Israel Railways and/or anyone acting on its behalf due to damage and/or malfunction and/or disruption, which will result in a potential violation of the privacy and confidentiality of the user's information as provided by him. 
Israel Railways undertakes to refrain, to the extent possible, from providing the user's details to third parties, unless authorization has been granted by the user or for the purpose of providing the user with services or by judicial order instructing Israel Railways to deliver it to anyone or in any case of dispute, disagreement or legal proceedings conducted between the user and Israel Railways, if and inasmuch as there are. 
During the Corona virus pandemic period, booking a train voucher using a cell phone number, constitutes consent to receive service messages from Israel Railways, relating to the train trip booked, by means of text messages to be sent to the telephone number provided.

Changes in the Website and cessation of its activity

Israel Railways reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change the provisions of these regulations, the terms of use of the Website, the Website's structure, contents, appearance, as well as the scope and availability of services offered therein and any other aspect involved therein, thus without providing an advance notice. In general, the changes are in force as of the day they are published on the Website, unless determined otherwise by the Railways.
The Railways reserves the right to cease at any time, at its sole discretion, the Website's activity and the user shall have no allegation and/or claim against it.


These regulations will be governed exclusively by the laws of the State of Israel. Exclusive jurisdiction in any matter concerning it is vested in the competent court in Lod.