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The Website and App Regulations

​​​The usage of Israel Railway's website or app (hereinafter: the "Website" and/or the "App") and the contents displayed on them, as well as by any other mean, is subject to the terms of use defined and described below. 

Proprietary Rights

All intellectual property rights and copyrights over the data and/or the information displayed on the Website and/or the App, belong exclusively to Israel Railways Ltd. (hereinafter: the "Railway"). It is prohibited to copy and/or publish in any way whatsoever and/or by any publication mean whatsoever, the information and the data displayed on them without the prior written consent of the Railway, as well it is forbidden to make any use of them except for use designated for personal needs rather than commercial needs, provided that such use will be made by law.

The Website's trademark, including, inter alia, the Railway's slogan, the Railway's logo, is the exclusive property of the Railway. It is prohibited to make use of it without the prior written consent of the Railway. 

One shall not distribute, copy, publicly display or disclose to any third party, any part of the contents of the Website and/or the App, without obtaining the prior written consent of the Railway.​

The content of the Website and the App 

The Railway and/or anyone on its behalf shall not have any responsibility for the contents of the Website and/or the App and of any end device detailed in this Regulations and in general, where they appear. Their contents, accuracy, credibility and their influence on the users of these contents including the users' computers and any damage, Inconvenience, loss, distress and any direct and/or indirect result which would be caused to the user, to his property or to any third party due to the use of the contents displayed on the Website and/or the App. 

Israel Railways shall not be responsible for any mistake, error, omission or inaccuracy and/or update of the information and/or the data published on the Website and/or the App. Including, but not limited to, changes in the dates and/or the travel routes, failure to comply with the schedules and/or train cancelations. As well, the Railway will not bear any damage and/or expense incurred due to acts or omissions as stated above.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Railway shall also not be responsible in connection with contents displayed on the Website and/or the App, which are being under links and/or references to other websites.​

Promotional Content 

Any promotional content, information and tips, being published on the Website and/or the App, are under the sole responsibility of the advertisers. One shall not deem the content of the Website and/or the App as a recommendation or opinion of any kind whatsoever. The use of the promotional content is under the user's responsibility only.


Acceptable Use

The use of the Website and/or the App will be according to the conditions and the provisions of these Regulations and in compliance with the provisions of the laws , the regulations and the accepted practices in Israel and only for valid and appropriate purposes only. 

It is strictly forbidden to carry out actions that could cause an unreasonable and vast congestion/load to the Website and/or the App or the infrastructure, to damage the software code, the visibility of the Website and/or the App or to access them by illegitimate means. 


The terms of Train Travel

The transportation of the passengers including luggage using trains, will be subject to the rules set out in the Railways Ordinance [New Version], 5732-1972, the regulations fixed by its virtue and to further travel conditions fixed within this Website. ​

Place of Jurisdiction 

This Agreement shall be subjected exclusively to the laws of the State of Israel. It is hereby agreed that the exclusive jurisdiction in any matter concerning this Agreement is at the competent court in Tel-Aviv. ​​