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The Website and App Regulations

​​​The usage of Israel Railway's website or app (hereinafter: the "Website" and/or the "App") and the contents displayed on them, as well as by any other mean, is subject to the terms of use defined and described below. 

Proprietary Rights

All intellectual property rights and copyrights over the data and/or the information displayed on the Website and/or the App, belong exclusively to Israel Railways Ltd. (hereinafter: the "Railway"). It is prohibited to copy and/or publish in any way whatsoever and/or by any publication mean whatsoever, the information and the data displayed on them without the prior written consent of the Railway, as well it is forbidden to make any use of them except for use designated for personal needs rather than commercial needs, provided that such use will be made by law.

The Website's trademark, including, inter alia, the Railway's slogan, the Railway's logo, is the exclusive property of the Railway. It is prohibited to make use of it without the prior written consent of the Railway. 

One shall not distribute, copy, publicly display or disclose to any third party, any part of the contents of the Website and/or the App, without obtaining the prior written consent of the Railway.​

The content of the Website and the App 

The Railway and/or anyone on its behalf shall not have any responsibility for the contents of the Website and/or the App and of any end device detailed in this Regulations and in general, where they appear. Their contents, accuracy, credibility and their influence on the users of these contents including the users' computers and any damage, Inconvenience, loss, distress and any direct and/or indirect result which would be caused to the user, to his property or to any third party due to the use of the contents displayed on the Website and/or the App. 

Israel Railways shall not be responsible for any mistake, error, omission or inaccuracy and/or update of the information and/or the data published on the Website and/or the App. Including, but not limited to, changes in the dates and/or the travel routes, failure to comply with the schedules and/or train cancelations. As well, the Railway will not bear any damage and/or expense incurred due to acts or omissions as stated above.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Railway shall also not be responsible in connection with contents displayed on the Website and/or the App, which are being under links and/or references to other websites.​

Promotional Content 

Any promotional content, information and tips, being published on the Website and/or the App, are under the sole responsibility of the advertisers. One shall not deem the content of the Website and/or the App as a recommendation or opinion of any kind whatsoever. The use of the promotional content is under the user's responsibility only.


Acceptable Use

The use of the Website and/or the App will be according to the conditions and the provisions of these Regulations and in compliance with the provisions of the laws , the regulations and the accepted practices in Israel and only for valid and appropriate purposes only. 

It is strictly forbidden to carry out actions that could cause an unreasonable and vast congestion/load to the Website and/or the App or the infrastructure, to damage the software code, the visibility of the Website and/or the App or to access them by illegitimate means. 


The terms of Train Travel

The transportation of the passengers including luggage using trains, will be subject to the rules set out in the Railways Ordinance [New Version], 5732-1972, the regulations fixed by its virtue and to further travel conditions fixed within this Website. ​

Place of Jurisdiction 

This Agreement shall be subjected exclusively to the laws of the State of Israel. It is hereby agreed that the exclusive jurisdiction in any matter concerning this Agreement is at the competent court in Tel-Aviv.

Purchase on the website​ regulations​​

​​​​​The purchase of passenger tickets is subject to conditions contained in the Code of Regulations. Please read the Code carefully and thoroughly since use of this website (including online purchases) attests to the user's/purchaser's agreement to conditions contained therein. 


NOTE: We have employed the masculine gender in this Code of Regulations for purposes of convenience only. Naturally we refer to both males and females alike.

Israel Railways at its sole discretion reserves the right to alter provisions of this Code of Regulations including conditions for use of the website, the website's structure, content, and appearance as well as the scope and availability of the services it offers or any other website aspect without issuing prior notification. Such changes, if any, will come into force on the day they are published, unless otherwise determined by Israel Railways.



In these regulations, with regard to the following terms, the interpretation printed alongside them, shall have the following meaning:

"User" - a person who purchases a train ticket, through this site, for use solely with a Rav-Kav card.

"Travel ticket "- a ticket offered for sale through the site that enables travel by train from a departure station to a destination station or within a defined geographical area that includes a number of train stations. Train tickets are not for a specific passenger train. Since the official passenger train time table can be altered intentionally or unexpectedly, the purchaser must verify in advance through the official site or app (and at the Israel Railways customer service center) the updated schedule of the train they intend to use.

Double fare – the extra payment levied on a passenger, in addition to the far, equal to a double fare, levied pursuant to section 18 of the Railways [New Version] Ordinance, 5732-1972, on a passenger without an appropriate ticket for his journey or on a passenger who refuses to show his ticket.

"Reserved space service" and "Top-Up": as defined in the Railways Regulations (Travel Fees), 5765-2004 (hereafter: "Additional Services").

"Reserved Seating" – advance allocation of a specific reserved seat ​ with payment in advance according to the terms and conditions as stated in the fare regulations.​

"Transaction" - Purchase of a travel ticket and / or accompanying service by credit card through the site.

"Payment Page" - the page on the site where the user's credit card and personal details must be provided in full as a condition for completing a transaction.​​​

Executing transactions and payments

Prices posed on the website are in New Israeli Shekels and include VAT as required by law. Israel Railways is entitled to change, at any time, all prices posed on the website without the need to issue prior notification. Accordingly, users forgo all claims and/or demands against the company and/or its representatives in this regard.

Executing a transaction on the website, including payment of a lawfully charged double fare by the passenger, shall be done by providing the user's personal details (hereinafter: "Identification Details") as required on the Payment page as well as details of a valid credit card honored by Israel Railways in its normal course of operations. The credit card will be charged for the transaction (in one payment) immediately upon the conclusion of the online purchasing process. Completion of the purchase is conditional on the user's details being fully received and recorded on the website. It is understood that malfunctions and disruptions in recording the purchase may occur for different reasons; accordingly, the user declares that he is aware of the possibility of such malfunctions, without detracting from his right to cancel the transaction in the event of failure in completing the purchasing process. In the event the purchaser receives a notification during and/or after placing the order—concerning erroneous content in the order details and/or a malfunction occurring in the system while recording the purchase, and/or if the purchaser has not received email confirmation of the completed purchase—he must contact the Israel Railways customer service call center at *5770 during business hours and ascertain the progress of the purchase. Entering Identification Details that do not belong to the user and/or that by law are not allowed to be used in identifying a third party is absolutely prohibited by law.


Payments and supply of tickets

In return for receiving the fare specified on the site, IsraelRail will provide the user with a travel card that they have purchased for collection by the user. Collection will be facilitated by loading the Rav Kav card, details of which were entered during the purchase process, into a station's cash registers, a ticket sales machine or pre-validation machines.

If the user fails to collect their travel card, apart from Flexible 30 or Flexible cards 7 cards, within 14 days of purchase, the transaction will be canceled and the user's credit card will be credited accordingly.

In the event that a Flexible 30 or Flexible 7 travel card was purchased, ticket validity will take effect on the date the user entered on the site and at the time of purchase (hereafter: "the period of use"). Issuing of Flexible tickets will be possible, at the latest, on the first day of the usage period. After this time, the transaction will be canceled and the user's credit card will be credited accordingly.

On a Rav Kav card, up to eight different types of travel tickets can be charged. Therefore, a condition for the actual delivery of a travel card purchased on the site is that the Rav Kav card is free to charge additional cards and that 14 days have not elapsed since the purchase date.

Purchasers of a "12 tickets" card, with an "adult" profile only, may also use their card for an additional passenger, other than the card holder. To facilitate this, go to the automatic machine or the cashier at the train station and select the option to print a paper card. The paper card will only be valid for use on the day of printing and the following day. For further details, contact the station manager.

Provision of reserved seating will be carried out immediately after the transaction process with a voucher being sent to the user's email address.​​​

Tickets purchased on the website or the app will be charged on your Rav Kav within 30 minutes from you purchase so that you can directly go to the platforms.
If 30 minutes have not passed since your purchase, please go to the automated payment machine or to the cashiers to complete the charging process before passing the control gates to the platforms.

"Reserved Seating"

  •     ​ Purchase of a reserved seat is dependent on the purchase of a train ticket valid for a journey on the route for which the reserved seat was purchased.
  •      No refunds will be made for the cancellation or non-usage of a reserved seat.
  •      A reserved seat is only valid for the train number and the date and time printed on the ticket.
  •      It is not possible to choose a specific seat in the "quiet carriage". The seat number is issued automatically.
  •   ​  ​ Please retain the reserved seat ticket until the end of your journey.


Payment of a double fare

A double fare levied on a passenger pursuant to lawful provisions may be paid via the website.

Cancelling a transaction

Travel services using public transportation were excluded from the dictates of the Consumer Protection (Cancellation of Transaction) Regulations, 5771-2010.

However, IsraelRail allows you to cancel a transaction at any time before the actual ticket is used for a train journey, except for a transaction involving the purchase of season tickets (such as Flexible 7 or Flexible) 30 and for which the period of use has come into force. For the purposes of a season ticket, the term "use" shall be deemed as the beginning of the period of use specified on the season ticket.

"Top Up" cards that have been used whether for train services or any or other transportation operator may not be refunded.

Cancellation of a Reserved Seat is not possible.

An automatic transaction may be canceled in those cases mentioned in the "Purchases and means of delivery" section of these regulations.​​


Confidentiality and privacy

Israel Railways takes all needed precautions to prevent the website from being infiltrated in order to preserve the confidentiality of users' personal details and prevent possible violations of their privacy. Nevertheless, one cannot totally eliminate the possibility of disruptions nor fully guarantee that confidentiality and privacy will always be preserved. Therefore, the user hereby declares that he understands this section and that he shall have no allegation and/or demand and/or claim against Israel Railways and/or a party on its behalf due to damage and/or malfunction and/or disruptions that bring about a possible violation of his privacy and the confidentiality of personal details he has sent.

Israel Railways undertakes to avoid, as much as possible, relaying a user's details to third parties—unless the user has given his authorization to do so or in order to supply a service to the user, or pursuant to a judicial order instructing Israel Railways to relay such details to another party, or in any case of conflict, dispute, or legal proceedings between the user and Israel Railways insofar as these shall occur. 

Intellectual property

Information of any type that appears on the website may not be copied, duplicated, sold, or translated. No commercial use shall be made of the list of products and their details appearing on the website and/or any other detail on the website without receiving prior and written permission from Israel Railways. Intellectual property pertaining to the website including copyrights applicable to the website's information, content, graphic design or any other detail therein are the exclusive property of Israel Railways to which the user has no legal right.


Use of the website

The user hereby undertakes to make use of the website in accordance with provisions and conditions of this Code of Regulations and shall not use the website for an illegal purpose and/or in order to defraud others and/or harm a person's privacy and/or violate any other rights – of a person and/or body and/or any other third party – and/or in order to harass and/or spread any viruses and/or perform any other action that is liable to cause damage to the website and/or its users and/or impact rights including copyright and/or sales and/or any other form of intellectual property. 



Israel Railways takes maximum efforts to maintain the proper working order of the website and its activity. Nevertheless, Israel Railways cannot promise that the website's service shall be extended as required without any stoppages or malfunctions including malfunctions involving hardware, software or communication lines. Israel Railways shall not bear responsibility, whether direct or indirect, in the event of a technical problem and/or stoppages and/or malfunctions of the website and the services it extends and/or malfunctions and disruptions of the World Wide Web and/or various communication lines that enable internet access. Additionally, Israel Railways makes every effort to ensure that the website is secure for use and is free of any virus or malware and/or other form of spyware. Still, Israel Railways cannot guarantee that that the website shall be secure for use and free of malware and or spyware at all times. Israel Railways shall bear no responsibility, direct or indirect, in the event of security problems on the website and/or damage caused to the user as a result of a virus and/or spyware and/or other types of malware. 

Typographical errors in information given on the website shall not legally oblige Israel Railways.

Israel Railways is not responsible for content accessed by links that appear on the website that lead to other websites. In addition, Israel Railways cannot guarantee that to a link will lead to an active website.

Israel Railways and/or a representative on its behalf shall not be responsible nor bear the cost of indirect damage and its results or other damage caused to a user or a third party as a result of using the website and/or in information contained therein and/or the services it extends—irrespective of the cause for action. Israel Railways' responsibility in any event and in response to any legal grounds shall be limited to a refund to the user.


Cessation of website activity

I​srael Railways reserves the right to halt, at any time and at its sole discretion, website activity and/or the sale of tickets via the website. Users shall have no claim and/or demand of Israel Railways.


Laws of the State of Israel shall apply to this Code of Regulation. Any conflict concerning this Code of Regulation shall be under the sole jurisdiction of an authorized court of law in the Tel Aviv district.​