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Dear soldiers !


Note! Times listed are when bus arrives and stands at station.  Bus departs when full or within half an hour, the earlier of the two.   

​Station of origin


Station of destination







NahariyaAkkoCity of Training Bases

Central station

Lev HaMifratz

 City of Training Bases
Hof HaCarmel City of Training Bases



Pardes HannaCity of Training Bases ✓
Hadera City of Training Bases ✓ 
Netanya City of Training Bases​✓
Bet Yehoshua City of Training Bases​✓

 Be'er Sheva

City of Training Bases  ✓​
Rosh Ha'Ayin City of Training Bases 
Kfar Sava – NordauHod HaSharon – SokolovCity of Training Bases

 Tel Aviv

Savidor Center

 City of Training Bases​✓
LodCity of Training Bases


Details on special shuttles and additional services to the City of Training Bases can be found at the To​​fsim Kav website.​



Important information!

  • ​​Soldiers are entitled to travel via Israel Railways without participating in cost of trip.  Nevertheless, if you wish to travel in a reserved railcar you will need to pay the supplemental cost of a reserved seat.

  • Issue of a train ticket will be possible only by means of a valid Soldiers ID card.  If you do not have a Soldiers ID card you will be required to pay the full ticket cost.

  • Travel via rail without a valid passenger's ticket (for the relevant trip) is considered to be a trip without having paid for a ticket.  In such a case you will be required to pay the train fare plus additional cost for purchasing a ticket while aboard the train.

  • When issuing a ticket using Israel Railways ticketing machines, it is important to make certain that the ticket matches your actual destination.  If you have a ticket that does not match your destination you will be required to make up for the cost of the trip.

  • A ticket to Haifa is valid for all Haifa stations, i.e., Hof HaCarmel, Bat Galim, and Mercaz HaShmona with the exception of Lev HaMifratz station.

  • Ticket to Tel Aviv is valid for all Tel Aviv stations.

  • Payment for passenger tickets by the IDF totals millions of shekels each month.  Payment is executed at the time of issuing the ticket (even if it is not utilized).  Passenger ticket for railway is valid until 23:59 on the date of issue.  In order to avoid wasting and/or losing a ticket, we recommend that passenger tickets be issued solely close to the time of the trip.  For your information, the IDF monitors the withdrawal of tickets including quantities and issue dates.

  • You are required to obey instructions of Israel Railway inspectors. For your information, inspectors are authorized to record your personal details and, if needed, relay them to the relevant IDF authorities.

  • ​Cases of irregular or unsuitable behavior of soldiers in a train will be referred to IDF commanders /military police in order to take disciplinary measures.


Blocked Soldiers ID card / non-issue of ticket

In the event the Soldiers ID card is blocked or if it is not possible to issue a passenger ticket at automatic machines:

  • Call civilian phone number: 03-9725002 or General Headquarters at 03-644002.

  • Email request to IDF Public Transportation department at

  • Fax: 03-9725169 (civilian) or 03-644169 (headquarters).​