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Changes in Train Travel Conditions

At the instructions of the Ministry of Transport, and until further notice:

  • Attention!
    Travel by train requires obtaining a train entry pass for each journey, in addition to a regular train ticket. It will not be permitted to travel by train without the matching train entry pass for the journey selected.
  • A separate train entry pass is required for each leg of a return trip on the same route.
  • Your regular train ticket is valid for a journey at any date, on the selected route, in accordance with the schedule.
  • The train entry pass is issued specifically for the train departing at the time (date and hour) reserved in advance.
  • Attention!
    Holders of a daily/weekly/monthly ticket must obtain a separate train entry pass for each journey.
  • Attention!
    Every passenger over the age of 5 must have a train entry pass.
  • The train entry pass does not incur additional payment.
  • Trains are only partly operating and under restrictions imposed by the Ministry of Health.
  • Entry to train stations is subject to having your temperature taken, wearing a mask, and obeying all other Ministry of Health instructions, which   are published at stations and on the trains.
  • Trains are operating on a different schedule from the usual. Therefore, before purchasing a ticket and reserving a train entry pass, check the route (including interim stops) and the schedule.
  • We recommend reserving the train entry pass in advance at the Israel Railways website, on the app, at the telephone call center at *5770, or at the service desks at the train stations.
  • You must identify yourself, by  an Israeli I.D. card, in order to reserve a train entry pass in advance.
  • Other forms of I.D. (such as foreign passports)  may be used only by booking a train entry pass at the telephone call center at *5770.
  • You must present the train ticket, the train entry pass, and  the I.D. document used for reserving the train entry pass, to enter the train station.
  • If you wish, you may obtain a train entry pass at the train station service desks, for a train journey within the coming hour, without presenting any I.D. at all..
  • The number of passengers permitted on the train is limited; therefore, the number of train entry passes is limited accordingly.
  • The issue of a train entry pass is solely on the basis of available seats.
  • Reserving a train entry pass via a mobile phone number constitutes your consent to receive service messages from Israel Railways about the train journey that you reserved by sending SMS to the phone number provided.

Dear Passengers,

At this time, the purchase of daily/weekly/monthly tickets in advance does not guarantee you a seat on any train of your choice. Therefore, before purchasing a daily/weekly/monthly ticket, we recommend considering "pay as you go" alternatives , which may grant you a 20% discount.          

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