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When you consider others – everyone benefits!

It's important to us that your train journey be pleasant and enjoyable. So, over the past years we have been striving to increase awareness of appropriate behavior in the station, on the platforms and during your journey.

The last campaign we organized was during November. This included comprehensive activities to remind everybody of what is considered inappropriate behavior when arriving at the station, when waiting on the platform and during the train journey. This includes talking loudly or shouting in the carriages, listening to music without headphones, putting your feet on the seats, littering and more. We also reminded passengers about basic, functional behavior such as how to use the stairs, moving down the platform, giving right of way to passengers alighting from the train etc.

Join us and be part of the campaign and the change so that everybody can enjoy a pleasant and enjoyable train journey​!

Here are some of the activities that we hope you'll cooperate with:

At the station

  • Yellow line: A yellow line on the platform, set back from the tracks, is designed to protect you. Please, don't cross this line and, no less important – watch out to be sure that your children don't cross it.
  • Spread out along the platform: If passengers spread out along the platform rather than concentrating at one or two spots – it's easier and quicker to get onto the train and find a place to sit.
  • Go up and down the stairs to the platforms on the right-hand side: To make it easy and quicker for everybody to go up and down from the platforms, please be sure to stay on the right.
  • ​The "Station Library": The aim of the library is to make the time spent waiting for the train and the journey itself more pleasant. So, you can borrow a book at one station and enjoy it during your journey. But, and this is important, please remember to return it at the end of your journey, even if that's at a different station, so that other passengers can also enjoy a good book!

When boarding the train

  • ​People alighting from the train have right of way: It's much more pleasant to leave and board the train without having to push and shove. It also makes sense because, the fewer "traffic jams" there are at the carriage entrance means that the train will leave the station on time and prevent delays.

Suring the journey

  • Keep it quiet: Most of us, when we're on the train, want to enjoy some peace and quiet before we're swallowed up in the noise of a crowded environment. Please don't conduct loud conversations that could disturb other passengers. The same is true about listening to music without headphones. Consider others and, next time, they'll be considerate to you.
  • Keep it clean: It's much nicer to sit in a clean environment. So, please throw your cup, newspaper or wrapping paper into the plastic waste bag beneath the window so that the carriage stays clean for you and the other passengers.
  • Storing bags: Please avoid placing bags in the aisles because another passenger could trip and fall. It's important to place your bags either beneath of between the seats or on the luggage racks available in some carriages
  • Sitting in the carriages entrance area: Despite our efforts, sometimes the train is crowded and there aren't enough seats for everybody. We do all we can to prevent this, but, sometimes, there just isn't enough room. We would greatly appreciate it if you would avoid sitting in the carriage entrance area and the aisles as this blocks access to the carriages and makes boarding and alighting from the carriage difficult.


When you consider others – everyone benefits!​