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When we are considerate about others - everyone enjoys more!


We in Israel Railways would like to share with you a move whose success depends exclusively on you. 

The move encourages proper behavior on train, in order to make the travel experience into a more enjoyable one, to care for the passengers' safety and, also to procure that you reach your destination more rapidly. This might sound trivial, but the move will succeed only with your assistance.

Here are some actions in respect of which we would be pleased to have your cooperation:

At the Station

  • Yellow line: Although the trains slow when they arrive at the station, still, they travel at high speed. The Yellow line at the platform, located aloof from the track, is designated to protect you. Please, do not cross it, and not less important - watch the children so they will not cross it. I​​f you see another passenger, or children of another passenger, approaching the end - please make a polite comment to them.
  • Dispersion along the platform: psychological studies determine that people prefer to gather where there is a concentration of other people. In our case, we shall ask for your cooperation inversely, aiming to care for your welfare. As much as you spread along the platform, rather than gather in one place, the quicker you can onboard the train and find a seat easily.

When boarding the train

  •  Providing priority to those descending from the train: beyond the fact that it is more pleasant to get off the train calmly and onboard it without being pushed, this step also makes sense: as much as "traffic jams" will be prevented at the entrance to the train cart, then the railway will comply with the schedule while exiting the station and delays will be prevented.

During the Travel

  • Storage of bags: Please, try and make sure that you do not place bags at the aisles, out of fear that one of the other passengers might stumble and fall. It is important that you make sure to put the bags under and between the chairs
  • Sitting at the entrance of the cart: despite our efforts, sometimes the train is crowded and there are not enough seats for everyone. We are making the maximum efforts that this would not happen, but sometimes there is a load. We would be pleased and we would appreciate if you avoid sitting at the entrance and at the aisles, since sitting there blocks the access to the carts and makes it difficult to onboard and descend from the train.
  • ​​​​Keep quiet: Most of us onboard the train and want some silence, a bit of silence, before we are being absorbed in the noise of the crowd. Please avoid loud conversation which could interrupt the other passengers. The same is with listening to music without headphones, and also with conversations conducted in screams between friends not sitting together. Consider the other, and the next time you will be considered as well.

We initiated a large-scale marketing move, videos starred by the comedian Tal Friedman and field activity of pantomimists wearing red (to display unwanted behaviors) and green (to display wanted behaviors), in order to raise the things to the consciousness of all of us and remember, that when we consider the other, we all enjoy more!



First descending and then onboarding​

Do not place feet on seats​

Remain ​quiet during the ride

Not crossing the yellow line