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Increased Train Service – 2022 Tel Aviv Marathon

As part of a special preparation for transporting tens of thousands of passengers to the Tel Aviv Marathon on Friday, February 25, 2022, we will suspend the electrification works on the shoreline to allow race participants to reach the starting line near the Tel Aviv University train station safely and return at the end of the event. The operating hours will be extended at dozens of stations, along with special additional trains to a variety of destinations.
The details of the increased train traffic on Friday, February 25, 2022 are as follows:

  • The Haifa Center-HaShmona - Tel Aviv HaHagana line - will be operated starting from 3:50 (approximately) until 13:30 (approximately), with the frequency of one train per hour in each direction. The trains will begin their journey at Haifa Center-HaShmona station and end their journey at Tel Aviv HaHagana, and will also stop at the intermediate stations: Haifa Bat Galim, Haifa Hof HaKarmel, Binyamina, Hadera West, Netanya, Beit Yehoshua, Herzliya, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv Savidor Center, Tel Aviv HaShalom, Tel Aviv HaHagana (last stop).
  • On the Herzliya - Tel Aviv - Rishon LeZion Moshe Dayan - Ashkelon line - which is operated every Friday, the operating hours of the will be extended, and the frequency of trains will be added with two special trains:
    • Two special early additional trains will depart from Herzliya station at:4:20 & 4:50 and will pass through the following stations: Ra’anana West, Kfar Sava Nordau, Rosh HaAyin North, Petah Tikva Segula, Petah Tikva Kiryat Arie, Bnei Brak, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv Savidor Center, Tel Aviv HaShalom, Tel Aviv HaHagana, Holon Junction, Holon Wolfson, Bat Yam Yoseftal, Bat Yam Komemiyut, Rishon LeZion Moshe Dayan, Yavne West, Ashdod Ad Halom, Ashkelon (last stop).
    • A special early additional train will depart from Ashkelon station at: 04:08 in the morning and will pass through the stations: Ashdod ad Halom, Yavne West, Rishon LeZion Moshe Dayan, Bat Yam Komemiyut, Bat Yam Yoseftal, Holon Wolfson, Holon Junction, Tel Aviv Haganah, Tel Aviv HaShalom, Tel Aviv Savidor Center, Tel Aviv University (last stop).

  • Keep in mind, these lines, which are active every Friday, will be operated normally, and the participants in the event will be able to change trains and reach other destinations in the north and south:

    • Karmiel - Haifa Hof HaKarmel
    • Nahariya - Haifa Hof HaKarmel
    • Ashkelon - Beer Sheva
    • Herzliya - Rishon LeZion Moshe Dayan - Ashkelon
    • Beit She'an - Haifa Hof HaKarmel

  • Train stations around Israel will be staffed with additional stewards, cashiers, security guards and managers, at the service of the runners.
  • It is recommended to purchase a combined ‘Daily Flexible’ ticket that allows round-trip travel and embodies a significant discount on the price of the trip, along with significant savings in waiting time at the station.
  • Full details of train traffic on this day are available, close to the day of the event, at the hotline at: *5770.

  • It is recommended to remain updated regarding trip times, at the Journey Planner