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Update of train schedules and trip routes as of April 18, 2021

Take note! 
From Sunday April 18, 2021 until further notice, Israel Railways is updating the train schedule and trip routes, following the acceleration of the railway track electrification project (which facilitates an improvement in the service by operating modern and environmentally friendly electrically powered trains).

The following changes will be made: 

Extending Operating Times, Extending Routes and Reopening of Stations

  • The service at the following stations will be reinstated: Holon Junction, Holon - Wolfson, Bat Yam - Komemiyut and Yavne - East, which were temporarily closed due to the railway track electrification project. 
  • The train routes on the suburban lines Netanya / Binyamina to Rehovot will be extended again to the Ashkelon station and stops at the Yavne East and Ashdod stations will be added. 
  • The operating hours on the Tel Aviv Savidor Center – Be’er Sheva line (which passes through the Kiryat Gat, Lehavim - Rahat, Lod, etc. stations.), which currently terminates operations at 21:00 (approximately), will be extended until 23:00 (approximately).

Changes in Train Traffic in the Haifa and Hadera Areas 

  • Over recent months, due to the railway track electrification work, the train traffic between Hadera and Hertsliya stations has been suspended every evening on weekdays (Sunday to Thursday), starting at 20:30 (approximately), as well as on every Friday and on Saturday evening as well.
  • Israel Railways is currently expanding the electrification work to the Zichron Ya’acov area as well. 
  • As a result, every evening, on Sundays to Thursdays, from: 20:30 (approximately) as well as every Friday and every Saturday evening, the route of the trains that currently terminate their trips from the north at the Hadera station, will be shortened, and these will terminate their trips at the Haifa - Hof HaKarmel station. 
  • Due to this, during the days and at the hours that work is being carried out, the Binyamina, Caesarea - Pardes Hana and Hadera stations will be temporarily closed.
  • During the days that work is carried out, the public transport lines between Haifa and Tel Aviv will be bolstered. Full details appear on the website under information regarding changes in train traffic during the evening, and in the smartphone app.

Changes in Train Traffic in the Modi’in area 

  • Due to development and railway track electrification work in the Modi’in area (in order to enable fast, electrically powered train service between Modi’in and Jerusalem), changes will come into effect with respect to train traffic in the Modi’in area, every evening and early morning from Sunday to Thursday, from 20:30 (approximately) until 6:00 (approximately). 
  • The last train every evening, which will depart from the Modi'in - Center train station in the direction of Tel Aviv and other destinations north of Tel Aviv (train number 130), will depart at 20:14 (and from the Pa’ate Modi'in station at 20:20). The last train to arrive every evening, from the northern destinations and Tel Aviv stations (train number 177) will terminate its trip at: 20:44 at the Modi’in - Center station (and will stop at the Pa’ate Modi'in station at 20:35). The train will depart the Tel Aviv - Savidor Center at 20:01. 
  • At this point in time, trains on the Nahariya – Modi’in - Merkaz line will commence and terminate their trips at the Tel Aviv - HaHagana station (instead of at the Modi’in - Merkaz station). 
  • The departure time of the trains departing from Modi'in will be brought forward by about two minutes, and passengers are advised to remain informed regarding the travel times when planning a trip, through the smartphone app and at the Railways Hot Line Center on Tel: *5770.