​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Still do not have a Rav-Kav card?

We in Israel Railways know that your time is precious and we offer you solutions to help you to simply enjoy the ride. With a Rav Kav card you can enjoy the travel by public transportation, easily and quickly. Join the hundreds of thousands of passengers enjoying integrated travel by both train and bus through Rav-Kav card.  ​​

What is a Rav-Kav card? 

 A Rav Kav card is a card which can be charged in accordance with your travel purposes and provides you with discounts on public transportation travels, both by train and by bus. The card is a personal ​card and it displays name and photograph and therefore it is not transferable. Your Rav Kav card is being insured, so that in the case of loss, theft or corruption, you can easily restore it.​​

All reasons to move to Rav-Kav

  • The initial issuance of your personal Rav Kav card is free of charge.

  • You can recharge your Rav Kav card online easily on the website, on the app, at the cashiers or at the automatic payment machines.

  • You can use your Rav Kav card for integrated travels by both bus and train.​

  • Discounts for those who are entitled will be given to holders of compatible profile on the Rav Kav card. ​