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  •  Since March 2016 it is possible to load a semi anonymous Rav-Kav for all types of contracts and tickets: senior citizens, youth, the disabled, National Insurance permit, students, Hofshi-Hodshi, etc.

  • ​A semi anonymous Rav-Kav may be issued only after the passenger has expressly requested it and has signed a document stating that in case of loss, it will not be possible to reproduce the Rav Kav, reimburse or credit the passenger for travel arrangements that were loaded into the lost card.

  • ​In case of repurchasing a card after losing the original one – the passenger must once again submit proof of eligibility (students, National Insurance, etc.)

  • Cost of issuing a semi-anonymous  anonymous Rav-Kav card - 5 NIS.

  • Valid term of the profile loaded in a semi anonymous Rav-Kav card will correspond to the term of the eligibility (for example National Insurance eligibility) ; however; the valid term shall not exceed two years from the issue date of the card.

  • Passengers in the possession of a personal Rav-Kav may convert the existing card to a semi anonymous Rav-Kav at no extra cost.

  • ​When converting a personal Rav-Kav to a semi anonymous Rav-Kav, all personal information will be erased.      

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