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Ashdod-Ad Halom (M.Bar Kochva)

Ashdod-Ad Halom (M.Bar Kochva)

Services and information

Station Address: Ashdod Ad Halom

Ashdod – Ad Halom station – was named after Moshe Brill Bar Kochba (1930–1992) who served as Israel Railways CEO from 1990–1992.  Following a 45-year military career during which he also served as General of the Southern Command, Brill was appointed as CEO of Israel Railways.  He spearheaded the acquisition of IC3 railway coaches, the first passenger trains to be purchased in 20 years.  During his term of service, Israel Railways renewed its service to the Ashdot – Ad Halom station and improved service in general across Israel.​

Station opening hours

Ashdod-Ad Halom (M.Bar Kochva)



Sat' Night20:30

Cashiers opening hours

Ashdod-Ad Halom (M.Bar Kochva)





Sat' Night20:20-23:15

What's on the station


Accessibility for handicapped

Ticket machine

Cold / hot drinks machines

Parking adjacent to the station

Food and drinks shop



Accessibility at the station

The stations and the trains are fully accessible for utilization of people with limited mobility. Nonetheless, sometimes the station's infrastructure necessitates upgrading and ongoing maintenance, which may affect the station's accessibility. Therefore, we shall kindly ask you to contact our Customer Service Call Center *5770 in order to ensure that your travel route is fully accessible.
For coordination of travel for the disabled

Access roads and transportation

Taxis around the Station

For your convenience, designated parking lot for the Railway's passengers is located close to the station - free of charge​​​

Around the city

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The service taxis "City Taxis" for Ashdod

To business centers

To update​

To IDF bases

IDF shuttles to the Navy Base

Continuous line

​Bus lines to and from the train stations on short and convenient routes when the bus schedules are adapted to those of the train.Learn more​​

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