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Jerusalem - Yitzchak Navon

Jerusalem - Yitzchak Navon

הודעה חשובה

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Station Address: 6 Shazar Avenue, Jerusalem

Station Address: 6 Shazar Avenue, Jerusalem

Station opening hours



Sat' NightClosed

Cashiers opening hours





Sat' NightClosed

Rav Kav stands opening hours



Sat' NightClosed

What's on the station

  • Food and drink stand

  • Ticket machine

  • Library

  • piano

  • Wi-Fi

Station map

Accessibility at the station

The railway stations and the trains are fully accessible. However, occasionally the station infrastructure requires upgrading and maintenance, which could affect the accessibility at the stations.

In order to ensure the best possible service at the railway station, it is recommended that those passengers who require assistance in boarding and alighting from the train, by means of the bridging apparatus operated by a staff member who is available at the departure and destination railway stations, coordinate their trips in advance through the Railways website or through the Customer Service Center on Tel. *5770
For coordination of travel for the disabled

About the station's name

Named for Yitzchak Navon (1921 – 2015)
The 5th President of the State of Israel, Director General of the Office of Prime Ministers Moshe Sharett and David Ben Gurion, Minister of Education, Knesset Member and Chairman of the Zionist General Council.
In 1978, he was elected to serve as the 5th President of the State of Israel, a role he filled until 1983.  After he completed his term, he returned to political activity and public service.  
Over the years, Navon combined public and political activity with his writing, which focused primarily on the preservation of the cultural heritage of Sephardic and Middle Eastern Jewry.