Travel Arrangements

Information on types of tickets and travel arrangements, travel rates and discounts for eligible persons can be found at the Ministry of Transportation’s "Derekh Shava"

Please note:

1. When using the search engine on the Ministry of Transportation’s website:  

  • Be sure to mark the option: "including train" before the name of the departure station from which you are traveling and the name of the destination station to which you wish to travel.

  • Be sure to write the word "train" + the name of the train station in both search fields, both in the "departure address" field and in the "destination address" field.

For example, origin address: HaShalom train, Tel-Aviv; Destination address: Nahariya train.
מחשבון תעריפים

2. The search engine on the Ministry of Transportation's "Derech Shava" website is an itinerary planning tool. Israel Railways is not responsible for the information displayed on the "Derech Shava" website. In case of any contradiction between the fare shown in the search engine on the "Derech Shava" website and the fare fixed in the provisions of the law - only the fare fixed in the law (Supervision of Prices of Goods and services Order (Fare for Traveling by Train and Cable Car), 2022) shall prevail.

3. For your convenience  the following are the fares for traveling by train in accordance with the provisions of the law

Travel Payment Options

  • Purchase a travel ticket using a mobile phone widget>

  • Rav-Kav is a rechargeable card. It can be used to pay for travel on public transport. Rav-Kav passes are either personal (including user information) or anonymous. The passenger details included in the Rav-Kav may provide discounts for designated populations. Top up a Rav-Kav>

​Rav Kav Service stands

If you are not yet 18 years old, you must be accompanied by a parent/guardian with an I.D. with an extract.

You can also sign up at one of the following service stands​ (please make sure to bring a valid I.D. card​​​​​): 


Sun. - Thu.

Fri. ​and Holiday eves

​T​el Aviv University​​​

Stand closed​

Stand closed​

Tel Aviv Savidor Central

07:00 - 19:00

Stand closed​

​Tel Aviv-HaShalom07:00 - 19:00
​Stand closed​

Tel Aviv HaHagana

07:00 - 19:00

Stand closed​

​Be'er Sheva​​​​​ ​​North/The University
07:00 - 19:00
​​Stand closed​
07:00 - 19:00
​Stand closed​

More information on reception hours and service stations

​A paper ticket for a single train ride

A paper ticket for a single train ride allows travel to any destination station within the specified travel range. At the same time, a paper tick\et can only be redeemed at the train station where it was purchased.
If you have purchased a paper ticket at one station but wish to use it to travel from another station, you need to exchange it at the train station from which you wish to travel.
You can exchange a paper ticket at the train station’s ticket office (during business hours) and receive a different ticket for the same distance.